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Welcome to Edelman Insurance Management a Better Financial Future Control of Your Assets

Planning for Growth

Edelman Insurance Management Group, Inc. will assist individuals and businesses in arranging a coordinated insurance management Strategy. A sound strategy is one of the most valuable essentials needed to help you achieve your financial success.

Make the Best Investments

Taking care of your interests means investing in what you want to protect. Being insured can protect you from the unkown and give you piece of mind.

Insurance Services from all the top carriers.

The best insurance carrriers around.

See what Edelman Insurance Management can do for you.

We deliver fast reliable quotes and information, so you can protect the ones you love, and have peace of mind knowing that you've got coverage.

Meet Scott Edelman

Meet Scott Edelman

Scott is the founder of Edelman Insurance Management and works hard to bring the knowledge of an insurance professional to you. He provides products and services for insurances of all kinds for his clients, clients families, retirees and businesses. Scott has a strong commitment to giving quality advice and service and puts an emphasis on creating lasting relationships. He regards each client as a friend.

I've never had a better experience from an insurance company. After talking to the professionals at Insurance Management, i've made the best financial decisions in my life. The knowledgable team knew exactly how to plan for my families future.

Dorin Grigoras