The Basics


Life insurance is a subject often brought up when thinking about others. Planning for the future of the ones you care about is a selfless act that comes in many forms. Providing a financial safety net for your family. Covering funeral expenses. Giving to charitable organizations. A simple plan for the future, even after you are gone, can do amazing things for the ones you care about.

Getting a plan is a fairly easy process. The simplest way is to talk to an insurance professional. They can give you an idea of the cost and the types of life insurance available.

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Being informed is important, and re-evaluating your policy from time to time is advised. Understanding what influences your insurance rates will allow you to get the best value on your life insurance. For example being healthy and investing in a policy sooner than later will surely save you money. However, being a smoker can raise your rates rather dramatically. Still, almost half of all policies run under fifty dollars a month. Getting an online quote can give you a realistic idea of monthly premiums in seconds.

Fifty-four percent of consumers are most concerned with determining whether they are getting their money’s worth.


Creating a policy means determining who the beneficiaries are, the length and the pricing. If providing financial security for your children is the goal, take in to account just how long it will be before your children can provide for themselves. In the event you are no longer able to provide for your children, could they provide for themselves in 10 years? 15 years? 20 years? If you are planning on leaving a financial safety net for your spouse, how long would he or she need income?

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